Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Roses in jars: Perfect for the home


Sweetpeas in small kilner jarMixed pink florals in cream jugCream hollyhocks in glass vase

Among everyone who knows me, know exactly how much I love roses! If I could be completely surrounded constantly, I probably would. So, when I moved out of the family home aged 19, I knew I'd want to make sure my own home was always decorated to the best standard I could managed. 

But, starting out in life is really hard! It's only now I seem to be able to start gathering more home decor bits, or as I'm told the 'niff-naffy' bits. My weaknesses are definitely flowers and cushions. But basically, just anything that is considered 'very pretty'.

It's things like these (above) that I long for, always have. But do you know how much a vase costs?!?! A vase! And for a student, it's always a tight squeeze. A tighter squeeze now with a kitten on the horizon. No doubt there will be a million pictures coming your way! 

For fellow wishers, I've linked in some pretty fake flowers that look similar (and are reasonably priced). 

The Coffee Morning Cut: #001

#001: Having a tasty brew and mind-map in the underground room in a cute
 little cafe in Lincoln, UK, called 'The Apple Tree'. 

So, in today's Coffee Morning Cut (not that it really necessarily has to be in the morning, this was.) I started working on some realistic ideas for my blogging. I know I've tried many times to blog, and blog properly, daily and do it well. But I've always lost the confidence and often blamed it on the whole 'I can't and I don't have enough time'. 
Okay so, maybe I don't have an awful lot of time on my hands, but who does? I'm going to tell myself, no more excuses. Even if it means setting one day (when I have a spare day) aside for blogging only. I will do this. And I can do this. Granted, I will need to start borrowing my boyfriends camera. My SLR will just not do at all (it's pretty crap. Like, stupidly crap. Kitten kinda crap.)
Over a cup of tea, because I don't actually drink coffee but the title just wouldn't sound the same: 'The Tea Morning Cut'. No, not feeling that. Please note that this image was taken before the whole planning thing happened. Honest.