Page Design:
I have solely worked on the page design using CSS, JQUERY and HTML. Working on the basic Blogger simple template. Widgets, icons, menus and buttons have been added by me using coding. Some I have learnt myself, at university, by peers or online. I cannot recall every single tutorial I have learnt from during the past few years, but I would like to send my credit and thanks to them. If I opt to use anything from a pre-made theme etc. that has been designed and/or coded by another person, I will make sure I credit them where necessary.

Prose and Posts: 
All my prose on my blog and each post that I publish are all my own words. All typed solely by myself, unless otherwise stated. Any quotes that I may include in my posts will be accredited and/or source labelled. You are welcome to quote me on anything that appears in my blog posts if needed. (Although, I do write a lot of nonsense so I'm unsure why you would need it, but feel free!)

Photography and Images: 
On Fragments of a Flower I do use a variety of images and photography. If the image is not my own, i will state this either, on the image itself, within a caption, within the text post relating to that image or create a hyperlink to the page/website where I found the image. I do not hold any responsibility if I use an image from a website in which it did not attribute the original source, in no way would I know that they do not own that image if they have not declared it themselves. But do let me know if you image appears anywhere on this blog and I have accredited a different source. I can try work with you on that. Regarding my own images, I would be thankful for your cooperation to accredit them appropriately. Some photography images on fragments may be taken by my boyfriend and he has given me permission to use them and address them as my own.

All articles and evidence of work placed on my portfolio page is solely mine. I would kindly ask for you to not re-publish these materials, unless asking prior to posting and/or using. I wish to show my own work as my own and my portfolio materials will be used in the event of any interview I may have. Materials posted on this page may be work I have produced in partnership with The University of Lincoln, The Lincolnshire Echo and My Student Style as well as other publications and organisations, therefore I wish for them to not be re-published.