Welcome to 'Fragments of a Flower'

Okay, I don't want this to be overly formal. A lot of everyday
life feels to be very formal. So, I'm Helen-Louise (otherwise known as Helen or 'H'). I'm twenty-one years of age and I'm still just finding my feet in life. Although I know I like to be 'pretty creative'. As I'm always told I'm 'too flowery' or 'such a powder puff'. Suppose that's where the name and theme came from! (Thank you to those who told me that.)

I study journalism whilst working at Miss Selfridge. I'll admit it now, I'm a little bit of an Arcadia lover. My CV for retail is practically all Arcadia stores. They're an absolute pleasure to work for! Obviously, as every other aspiring journalist, I try my best to write for as many people and organisations.

The name of my blog pretty much describes me. I love all things pretty, and what's prettier than loads of flowers. I love flowers. Mainly a rose lover. But all are gorgeous.

In the near future I'd like to be doing something within Head Office retail buying, visual merchandising, columnist/stylist/page designer of a magazine. Basically, anything that I can freely let my creative juices flow. And include a lot of pretty!

I'd happily let someone else contribute an article to me and I'll post it up. I know from my own experiences how difficult it is to get experience in writing and journalism. It's a tough world out there! And I appreciate all help I get and I'd like to offer help to others too. E-mail me your ideas! (click the 'contact' button on the home page)

Oh no! A selfie-style shot featuring on 
my blog. I'm breaking all sorts of rules.