Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Roses in jars: Perfect for the home


Sweetpeas in small kilner jarMixed pink florals in cream jugCream hollyhocks in glass vase

Among everyone who knows me, know exactly how much I love roses! If I could be completely surrounded constantly, I probably would. So, when I moved out of the family home aged 19, I knew I'd want to make sure my own home was always decorated to the best standard I could managed. 

But, starting out in life is really hard! It's only now I seem to be able to start gathering more home decor bits, or as I'm told the 'niff-naffy' bits. My weaknesses are definitely flowers and cushions. But basically, just anything that is considered 'very pretty'.

It's things like these (above) that I long for, always have. But do you know how much a vase costs?!?! A vase! And for a student, it's always a tight squeeze. A tighter squeeze now with a kitten on the horizon. No doubt there will be a million pictures coming your way! 

For fellow wishers, I've linked in some pretty fake flowers that look similar (and are reasonably priced). 

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